Decorate For Christmas

After nearly three weeks without a day off I was finally able to relax.  Waking up well past my usual 5:30am alarm, I awoke to birds chirping and the early morning sun creeping thru the window.  At this time of the year, seeing the sun in my window meant that it was after 8:00 so I knew today was gonna be a good day.

My wife jumped out of bed and nestled into her computer for the day to work on her masters degree, which she has just about finished.  I, after taking care of the dog, drove to McDonald’s for the breakfast of champions, a BigMac and some disappointedly under cooked fries.  Once my Sunday had fully begun and my wife had finished her work, we decided to finish or at least attempt to finish decorating for Christmas.

Christmas is the best.  I lived alone a long time before I was married and even as a single guy I decorated for Christmas.  It’s my favorite time of the year and my wife shares my enthusiasm for the season so today was the perfect day.  We had already set up a Christmas tree because we hosted Thanksgiving but that was just the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to Christmas decorations.

We started by visiting the attic to download all of the decorations which range from additional trees to a 5ft Grinch.  Once everything was in the main living space we set out to decorate this old house.  Our house was built in 1905 and is built in the French Victorian style which means we have high ceilings and hard wood as far as the eye can see.  We set the home stereo on to the Bing Crosby Pandora channel and got to work.  My wife is the designer and I am the heavy lifter.  Tonight we were the Joan and Chip Gaines of the Christmas decoration world.  If you don’t who they are, Google it!

While we decorated, dinner was prepared.  Tonight’s menu consisted of venison meatballs and some lightly oiled pasta.  Not the best dinner but on MustGo night there are no rules.  MustGo stands for “Must Go,” as in everything must go.  It’s the unloading of the refrigerator so that it can be re-stocked for the upcoming week.

The night went swimmingly well and the house has been transformed into a warm, inviting place that will help transform Christmas into an amazing celebration.  This year we are staying local so having the house decorated will keep spirits up while we wrap up our year and prepare for 2018.


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