Just Calm Down

At some point every day, I check the news ticker provided to me at the bottom of Bing’s homepage and it always disappoints.
Not because of the horrible events that happen all around the world every day, that’s to be expected. No, what disappoints me is what society seems to deem as “news worthy.” Today, for example, right after news about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s lung cancer and the murder of two tourists in Morocco, there is a story about how Miley Cyrus sang “Santa Baby” on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” Yup, that seems important.
That story is followed up by a story about a Canadian held in China and how he can’t turn off the lights, which is valid in the grand scheme of world diplomacy. Then a story about a highway being named after Obama, followed by a plane crash in Atlanta. All of these stories seem relevant with one glaring exception, maybe two. Perhaps it’s a slow news day but if you read each of the stories, it’s not a slow news day. There’s world diplomacy, as I stated above, being tested in Syria, China and several other places around the globe. There’s a plane crash that killed 4 (on a global scale that barely makes the news, if at all). A Supreme Court Justice who’s dealing with cancer, which is a great human interest story. Not to mention an arrest in Japan of the former chairman of Nissan Motor Company.
It seems the world is melting down, ever so slowly and the info-savvy people of this country are as equally concerned with the United States’ standing on the global stage as they seem to be about Miley Cyrus’ rendition of a bad Christmas song… wait! Am I even allowed to say “Christmas”? Santa Baby is about Santa Claus, who traditionally represents the holiday of Christmas but, heaven forbid, I offend anyone by using that term.
This country is so PC and so worried about offending, not only other countries but also the citizens of this country, that it’s begun to lose much more than its moral compass. I would argue that sometimes things need to be done that will offend. The United States should ruffle some feathers, when needed. If other country’s get upset, that’s OK and actually healthy in the grand scheme of world politics. The same should be said for the government’s relationship with its citizens. The government should act in the best interest of the country. It can’t worry about upsetting people. Every move made in government will offend somebody. Unfortunately the United States seems as if it’s starting to worry about offending everyone. That’s not healthy for the government of a World power.
Above, I talked about the government’s relationship with its citizens, not illegal aliens, not refugees seeking asylum. Sorry. It’s not show-friends, it’s show-business and if you’re willing to take the steps to gain legal entry into the United States, under the current rules, then I say “welcome”. I’m sorry you weren’t born here, I truly am, but the United States can’t just have open borders with no procedures for entry. It can’t. Other country’s don’t. The world’s a dangerous place, just look at the news ticker at the bottom of Bing. Nestled in, between Miley Cyrus and Obama’s cameo in the remix of “Hamilton”, which I’m sure is delightful, you’ll see it. Murder, Mother Nature’s wrath, Catholic sex cover-ups, wars, crimes of passion and all the other sins of the world. It’s a dangerous time, in a dangerous world. The United States needs to protect itself, and if someone takes offense to that, then perhaps they should run for a public office and fight to make a change, the proper way, instead of sharp shooting the way things are being done now.
Some of you might say that I sound like a Trump Supporter. You couldn’t be further from the truth. I think Donald Trump was a horrible choice for Commander in Chief but there wasn’t a better option. Hillary? Ha! I didn’t vote. I tried to figure out who to vote for but in the end, I didn’t feel that either of them made sense. Am I a bad American because I didn’t vote? Maybe. I did serve for 25 years in the Military so I hope that’s sufficient evidence to show how I feel about my country. Trump’s barely qualified to run his company’s let alone the United States. Prior to running for President he ducked his last opportunity to serve, a couple of times. It seems to me, he’s like a person who never quite fit in but who was able to gain a little power and now he thinks he matters. I saw it all the time in the Army. He’s like a little boy trapped in grandpa’s body. He should be banned from all social media until he eats all of his vegetables.
My point is, the country needs to put on its big kid pants (not big boy or big girl. See, I can be PC), buckle down and re-gain its hold as a global super-power and not worry who it pisses off, so long as the country remains fair and consistent, when it comes to protecting itself and its citizens. I, for one, could care less about what Miley Cyrus has to say and more about what the country is doing to make itself a better place.
Make America Great Again???? That would infer that it once was great and now it’s not. That’s wrong. “Greatness” is a tough thing. There is always something that can be better. For example, race relations within our country. It’s never been good, so when The Donald says, “make America great again,” he totally ignores the fact that America, while “good,” has never been truly great and probably never will. That being said, there’s nowhere else I’d rather live and based on the number of people trying to get in, the rest of the world thinks so too.

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