So This One Time, Part One

My friend moved to Puerto Rico several years ago…fast forward all those years until present day (by present day I mean summer of 2013).  Him moving to Puerto Rico opened the doors to a world of Caribbean adventure.  I visited him often, well as often as I could which was about twice a year and on this particular trip the adventure came to us.

My friend, God love him, lives a bit of a pirates life.  He scrapes by on what he can, hustles a little here and there, drinks a little to much rum and chases the booty like a good pirate (pun intended).  He looks just like Matthew McConaughey, if Matthew never worked out, smoked way to much and hadn’t the slightest hint of health care.  No matter, he’s my friend and he’s never met a stranger.  He’d give you the shirt off his back and the flip-flops off his feet.

Everytime I journeyed to the island there was another story.  Another memory collected.  After all, that’s what life is; a collection of memories.   On this trip, like I stated above, the adventure came to us, which makes it much easier to talk yourself into.  You see, we were sitting in our favorite watering hole.  I should probably mention that my friend didn’t live any where near the tourist trap that is San Juan.  No, he lived about an hour East in a little town called Luquillo which wasn’t to far from Fahardo which is where our story takes place.  IF it helps, Fahardo is the real life town where the movie Captain Ron, starring Kurt Russell, was filmed back in 1992.

The evening in question was a non-descript, hot, Caribbean night and we were well sauced, as it were (Drunk. We were drunk).  Our bar was nesteled near a marina where several boats moored for the evening and on this particular evening a “prop” from a movie, being shot nearby, was anchored there too.  The “prop” in question was a pirate ship from the most recent installment of Pirates Of The Caribbean and it wasn’t a ship at all.  It was the top half of a century’s old pirate ship sitting on a barge, complete with rigging to accomodate several cameras and it was sitting only a stones throw away.  Of course we noticed it the moment we arrived and thought nothing of it but after several rum drinks we decided it would be a good idea to climb aboard that pirate ship and take some photos.  At the time it was the best idea ever and so simple.  What could possibly go wrong.

Join us next time as the tale of two idiots, a whole lot of rum and pirate ship continues.


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